Ron & Rosalie Lindvig - Founders


Ron's Title-Winning Corvette

Dean Winning a Points Race in Canada   Family & Friends Photos in the Office



The Lindvig family supports
local businesses & patriotism!

Wall of Racing History in the Shop    

Locally owned and operated, Lindvig is a name to

trust in the Medford area automotive industry.


The Lindvig family has been serving the engine machine shop needs of the Southern Oregon and Northern California for several decades - since 1979 in fact! Whether you are an ASE certified mechanic performing a rebuild on a customer's modern engine or a gear-head building your dream car, our experienced machinists, quantity parts and economical pricing are the perfect fit. Race enthusiasts and mechanics know that Lindvig Machine a shop to depend on.


Ron Lindvig was an aircraft mechanic in the Navy and was trained as a journeyman machinist for Westinghouse in Sunnyvale, California. He later went to work for a smaller machine shop in California before openning his own and specializing in automotive. In 1979 Ron & Rosalie moved to Oregon and started Lindvig Machine. Ron is also an accomplished drag racer.


Rosalie Lindvig got her start as a supervisor at an electronics company, called California Microwave in Sunnyvale. She takes care of all the ordering and books for Lindvig Machine.


Dean Lindvig, Ron and Rosalie's son grew up around the machine shop and has worked there since before he graduated from high school. He also grew up around drag racing with his family and will continue to operate the family business when Ron & Rosalie retire.


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